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Bar None Ø Hunts Team,

I want to thank you for another great time this past 2014 season. There is no doubt; the group of guys that came with me would all say the same. They are ready to go back. The lodge is always so clean, the food is delicious, and it's roomy with all the comforts of home, offering a good place to relax and get away. Most importantly, I can’t say enough about the friendly, fun and professional staff and guide service at Bar None. The comradery is great!

Bar None has managed their deer herd very well giving us great options. I have been overwhelmed at the quantity and quality of the bucks at Bar None, especially when you consider they are free roaming deer. I always have enjoyed every moment in the deer stand, either taking pictures, waiting for that trophy or even talking with my favorite guide. I have had several leases around Texas for many years, and have never come close to taking a deer that I was really proud of and can call a trophy, like I have at Bar None.
Hunting at Bar None is always the most pleasurable hunting experiences.

Keep up the good work and save me a seat for my next hunting trip, I’ll be back!


My name is Bill Wood and I have hunted with Bar None Ø Hunts for several years. My first experience with Bar None Ø Hunts was back 2009 on the TeePee Creek Ranch located in Irion County, Texas on the famous Sugg Property. Being 62 years old, I have been an avid hunter all my life but never had experienced the hunt I was about to have. I arrived on the ranch in December 2009 and the rut was in full swing, my guide had spotted a huge twelve point the week before, on a previous hunt, and we began looking for him again. I went crazy sitting in the blinds looking at all these great native bucks but my guide was relentless on the BIG twelve. On the third day of the hunt another guide spotted the deer and relay to my guide the direction he was headed, so we made a game plan to jump ahead of the beautiful deer and hoped we would cross paths. The Big twelve step out at 125 yards and I shot, after gathering my thoughts, we walked up to the deer and I was completely blown away. The deer score an unbelievable 184 2/8. Bar None Ø Hunts hires the very best guides in West Texas, they are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and from my story dedicated to getting their clients the very best deer possible. The guides, accommodations, food and comradery in camp are second to none. I would recommend Bar None Ø Hunts to everyone wanting to go out and have a great time with a chance to harvest a deer of a lifetime, “Just Like I did”.

Bill Wood
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